10 Binge-worthy Netflix Series

Have you ever turned on Netflix and realised that you actually end up spending more time deciding what to watch than actually watching something? Same here. Thats why I have created my top 10 binge-worthy shows to watch, so you can spend more time relaxing and less time arguing with your other half on what to watch.


Based on the hit film of the same name, starring Bradley Cooper. The series follows a failing musician named Brian Finch who takes a new drug named ‘NZT’ and discovers that it unlocks his full mental abilities and makes him almost super-human. However the downside to this drug, is it’s pretty deadly side-effects – hallucinations, paranoia and in most cases, death. Brian however, has been given an immunity shot by US Senator Eddie Morra (as from the film, and again, played by Bradley Cooper) which leaves him unaffected from the side effects.. but in return, Brian is given some dangerous tasks to complete which put both him and his family in danger. Can Brian live a double life? Working undercover for Eddie Morra yet working for the FBI to try and take down the same guy, can take it’s toll.

The series is 22 episodes long, and around 45 minutes each. Despite it keeping you on the edge of your seats (alot!) it has an ingenious comedic streak in it.

(Image belongs to CBS, Retrieved from whats-on-netflix.com 2018)

American Horror Story

I’m pretty sure you would of heard all about this by now, but just in case! This very dark drama is set in a different world each time, with the same actors all playing different characters each series. It plays upon the evil and darkness which surrounds their world, from school shootings, rape, serial killers, suicide to witches (and much, much more!) The series is critically acclaimed and features stars such as Emma Roberts, Jessica Lange and Evan Peters.

Be warned, the show is very dark, it is gripping and with twists and turns everywhere, but it is definitely not one to watch if you are looking for a happy or bright tv show to cheer you up!

There are currently 7 series, with around 10/11 episodes in each at around 40 minutes. Each series is set in a completely different world, (although I think the next one to be released they all join up somehow, not sure but it definitely sounds intriguing!)

(Image belongs to 20th Century Fox, retrieved from Wikipedia.com 2018)


How could I possibly leave this one out? What with their recent addition to UK Netflix. The show is over 20 years old, but still going as strong as ever. It of course follows six friends all living in Manhattan and follows their lives and friendships in the most comedic ways possible! This is definitely one of the shows to watch if you are looking for a pick-me-up. You will be laughing constantly and will struggle to turn it off after just one episode.

The series consists of 10 seasons, with 24 episodes each (at around 22 minutes long) so you will have plenty to binge-watch!

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry. This is without a doubt, one to watch, and even if you have watched it before, one you can watch again and again!

(Image belongs to Warner Bros. Retrieved from Vox.com 2018)

Blue Planet

The national treasure that is David Attenborough narrates this documentary series all about marine life. It may sound boring, but is far from it, with absolute stunning footage of deep in the ocean, it uncovers unknown species and reveals all about how the hidden world live.

The series is very relaxing to watch and follows all sorts of species, from the largest animal on earth; the blue whale, to penguins, crocodiles and coral reefs.

There is 8 episodes within this series, each at 48 minutes long, enough for a Sunday Netflix binge!

(Image belongs to BBC, image retrieved from Amazon.co.uk 2018)


This series follows what would happen if animals suddenly turned against man-kind. Starting off in Africa where lions are showing abnormal hunting patterns, to domestic house cats, snakes, dogs and mice.

A group of five, including a scientist, a journalist/blogger and a hunting expert take on these animals to discover if the use of pesticides from Raiden Global is responsible for the change in behaviour of all the animals.

Can they find out what is causing all of the animals to change, and is it possible to create a cure before the animals take back the world?

Starring actors such as James Wolk, Kristen Connolly and Nonso Anozie, there is currently 3 seasons consisting of 13 episodes at around 40 minutes long.

This series will without a doubt leave you on the edge of your seat, or even screaming at the TV screen!

(Image belongs to CBS, retrieved from gstatic.com 2018)


In a modernised remake on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle books, Sherlock follows the story of how Sherlock Holmes, now living in 21st century London, meets John Watson and solves all sorts of crimes and murders using his sleuth powers. Each episode tends to follow one of Doyle’s classic stories, but of course in modernised times.

The series is an absolute masterpiece and will have you begging for more! It also consists of possibly one of the biggest cliff-hangers of modern television at the end of season 2! (Bare in mind that we had to wait 2 years to find out what happened, we couldn’t just click next on Netflix at the time!)

Although there are only 3 episodes in each series, they are around an hour and half each, so a bit like a series of movies! There are now 4 seasons up and ready to view on Netflix!

(Image belongs to BBC, retrieved from TheIndependent.co.uk 2018)

The Great British Bake off

As the name may suggest this series is a baking competition to see who can bake the best cakes biscuits, breads and pastries. I know this will not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it currently has such a big following that I could not miss it from this list! Even though I know who has won some of the previous seasons, it does stop me from enjoying the glorious bakes, and all the not so glorious fails and sabotages!

There are currently seven seasons on Netflix with 6 episodes in the earlier seasons, and 12 in the later. These are also the original seasons with the glorious Mary Berry!

Be warned though, if you do end up watching, make sure you have a biscuit or cake at the ready as you will fancy it within less than 5 minutes of watching!

(Image belongs to Channel 4, retrieved from Wikipedia.co.uk 2018)


This series pretty much explores day to day life as a British family. The Brockman family, consisting of Mum (Sue), Dad (Pete), and their three children, Jake, Ben and Karen. This series is epically funny in it is just so relatable. The comedy is also semi-improvised by the children so the adults really do have no idea what they are going to say. There are 5 seasons, and throughout, you really do get to see the family grow and develop, from young pre-schoolers, all the way to secondary school and beyond. Ben’s constant lies and Karen’s witness will have you in tears in this oh-so easy to watch series.

Each series consists of around 6/7 episodes at around 30 minutes each.

(Image belongs to BBC, retrieved from whatsontv.co.uk 2018)

The IT Crowd

All about the IT department at Reynholm Industries, this comedy stars Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade and Katherine Parkison. Roy (O’Dowd) and Moss (Ayoade) are two loveable geeks just getting along with their lives, until they get a new supervisor Jen (Parkinson), who turns out, has no clue about IT and computers. With witty antidotes and hilarious scenes, this show will without a doubt make even the sternest of faces crack a smile.

There are 5 series on Netflix with all but the last consisting of 6 episodes each.

Without a doubt, this will be a recommendation for anybody looking for a new, easy to watch comedy to lighten up their evenings.

(Image belongs to Channel 4, retrieved from All 4 2018)

Friday Night Dinner

This, I have to say, is currently my favourite show! So I may be slightly biased in saying, it is a comedic masterpiece which will have you in fits of laughter and tears, and re-watching each series again and again (i definitely haven’t seen each season about 5 times!)

The show follows the Goodman family, a pretty ordinary jewish family on their Friday nights. With Mum (Jackie), Dad (Martin), and their two ‘horrible’ sons Jonny and Adam. The two brothers are often caught playing pranks on each other, whilst dad has some questionable morals – such as eating straight out of the bin, stuffing a road-kill fox and eating 20 year old meat!

The Goodman family, along with their neighbour Jim and his dog Wilson, make for one of the funniest seasons, maybe ever! (at least in my opinion!).

If theres only one show you take from this list, let it be this one! This show can brighten up the darkest of days and create some pretty good memes, (they are currently all over facebook!)

With stars such as Simon Bird, Tom Rosenthal, Tamsin Grieg and Paul Ritter, there are 5 seasons, however only the first two are currently available on Netflix – (If you do find you absolutely love it, the other seasons are available on 4 on demand in the UK.)

(Image belongs to Channel 4, retrieved from telegraph.co.uk 2018)
So these are my top 10 favourite shows to binge-watch on Netflix, let me know below if you try any of these, or if I have missed your favourite show out!


All images and names belong to their rightful owners, I do not own any of these images and have used these images in fair use in order to write a review upon them / their series.


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