15 of the best quotes from ‘Friday Night Dinner’

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the comedy gold that is Friday Night Dinner (it was even included in my top 10 binge-worthy shows. Based around the Goodman family enjoying their very ‘traditional’ Friday night dinners, it is a show you can simply watch and laugh at again and again.

So seeming as my post Top 15 quotes from Mamma Mia has done so well, I thought I would follow it up with another quote list. It was extremely hard to only pick 15 but somehow I have narrowed them down, so if you’re wondering why so many people around you are suddenly telling you that ‘you look nice’ and greeting you with ‘shalom, I hope you’ll enjoy my top 15!

15) Wilson’s Birthday

“Lydia was the nearest to Wilson?”

“No..it was the nearest to reach.”


14) High five

13) Bloody fruit salad

12) Ding Ding

11) The casserole

10) Women

9) Biscuits

8) Pears are forbidden
“Is there anything special that jewish people get for their birthdays?”

“actually jim, there is something we give each other on our birthdays, it’s kind of tradition to give a basket of fruit to the eldest son of the family

“a big basket of fruit?”


“I’d never heard of that, any particular kind of fruit?”

“Yeah only green coloured ones really, sort of apples, grapes”


“Yeah they’re allowed”


“No..pears are forbidden”

“I understand your traditions”

7) Four of them

6) You look nice

5) Hello all

4) Lady Diana Spencer

“Tell your son’s who it was with”


“Alright, … Lady Di.”


“Lady Di”

“Lady Di?”

“Yes Lady Di”

“Lady Di as in Lady Di, the lady Di?”


“Lady Dianna, Lady Dianna Spencer?”

“Yes bleeding lady Diana Spencer, Lady Di”

“You see?”

“I dreamt I was in a bath of milk with lady Di”

3) Lovely bit of squirrel

2) Shit on it!

1) Shalom!


Friday Night Dinner can be found on Channel 4, 4OD or Netflix.

I do not own any content supplied here, I have used snippets and images in fair use in order to write a review. Friday Night Dinner, the quotes and images all belong to Channel 4, 2018.

If you have watched Friday Night Dinner, let me know your favourite character or quotes below!


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