Why you should buy a Himalayan salt rock right now!

I’m sure you’ve heard of them by now, Himalayan salt lamps. But, what is all the fuss about? Surely it’s just another one of those ‘health’ fads talked about by herbalists, naturalists and physic healers. Surprisingly though, no! There are actually some pretty scientific reasons behind the whole thing. So why are so many people suddenly raving so much about a rock?

They can improve your concentration

Have you ever wondered why after spending a long day surrounded by technology and bright lights you have a headache, poor concentration and feel exhausted? Well the reason likely lies due to the emission of positive ions (positive ions are molecules/atoms which have gained electrons through various chemical, technological or environmental reasons.) Positive ions are so small that they can be directly absorbed into your bloodstream through the air. Therefore this can cause all sorts of respiratory and circulatory problems. Positive ions are generated though everyday items such as fluorescent lighting, televisions, laptops, air-con units, CD played and in particular, hair dryers.

These all release massive amounts of positive ions which can result in anxiety, headaches, a lack of energy and an overall feeling of lowness. However, luckily Himalayan salt rocks actually release negative ions (these have the opposite effect and result in you feeling much more energised and in a better mood; they are naturally often found in places such as forests and waterfalls!) These help to balance out the positive ions being emitted and leave you feeling much more happier with increased concentration.


They purify the air

The negative ions released by the lamp also attracts water towards it, the negative ions essentially ‘trap’ any pollutants in the water vapour and air into the rock. they can rid the air of mould spores, bacteria, viruses and allergens. The removal of such particles can ease coughs and result in a reduction of allergy and asthma symptoms.

They can help treat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

SAD is a feeling of lowness and depression which can occur in the late autumn and winter months due to the reduced exposure of sunlight with the shorter days. It is thought that a lack of sunshine can stop a part of the brain called the hypothalamus working which may affect the production of different chemicals within the brain. (NHS Choices, 2018).

The light produced by a Himalayan salt rock is so similar to the sun that it is believed it may cause a reduction in the symptoms shown by suffers of SAD.

They can give you a better nights sleep

As previously mentioned, the salt rock releases negative ions, these can help to ease feelings of lowness, headaches, coughs, sore throats etc. and result in you feeling much more relaxed. The lamps themselves can also of course become an absolutely gorgeous new decoration for your bedroom, the light released can be so relaxing it is often used as a nightlight or bedside lamp. The cosiness of the lamp along with the added health benefits can result in you getting some much needed sleep!

Important things to know!

Be aware of fake or imposter salt lamps! These may not specifically mention Himalayan or Pakistan, and tend to be much brighter and a whiter colour. Real salt rocks should be orange to light pink colour and look rough and hand-carved. If your rock looks extremely smooth, it is likely mass-produced and not authentic.

Real lamps will also not be moisture resistant due to the reasons mentioned! Therefore in humid areas you will likely find they start to ‘weep’ or ‘cry’, therefore it is recommended to place them on a dish or older surface you don’t mind being ruined by saltiness!

If you are looking into getting one to purify your house, it is averaged that 1lb of rock will filter around a 4ft X 4ft area.

Himalayan salt rock lamps are an absolutely gorgeous addition to your home, they can be found at any good crystal or healing store or instead simply online, however make sure you read reviews and follow the advice above to ensure what you are paying for is what you get!

if you do have one, or are planning on getting one, let me know below!


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