5 simple ways to de-stress from your day!

As someone who often suffers from daily stresses and anxiety, I know how hard it can be to unwind from the day, but i also know how important it is. Without fully de-stressing or relaxing, your mind is constantly overthinking conversations you’ve had throughout the day, actions and choices you’ve made. This causes excessive worrying, stress and anxiety that is unhealthy for the mind and body.

Everybody has their own worries, and therefore everyone tends to have their own ways of shutting them down and relaxing. Here i have explained my 5 most effective ways of de-stressing at the end of the day.

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10 easy steps to setting up your own aquarium!

This post is slightly different to my previous ones, however I have been an avid fish-keeper (and breeder!) for a while now and wanted to share my advice and knowledge with you. Whilst researching for my first aquarium i spent a long time visiting 101 different websites, and yet still most of what i have learnt has come from trial and error and experience. Therefore i have created this post to enable you to have as much insight as possible before setting up your own aquarium.

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